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Watermark Power Solutions is an energy brokerage/consulting firm that was established to give residential and commercial customers in energy de-regulated states, access to a variety of providers with electric and natural gas options that cater to their specific needs. Our partnerships with these major energy providers allow us to serve any client, from small single site customers to large corporations.

It is our job as consultants to identify and procure the best possible solutions for our clients. Not every client has the same needs and no matter what the current state of the economy is, we realize the importance for customers to cut any unnecessary costs. We strive to provide the highest level of customer service, pre and post contract, and feel that maintaining the relationships with our customers is just as important as what we bring to our clients when trying to earn their business.

“I am honored to serve in an advisory role to my clients and without hesitation, I refer my business clients to Noé and Watermark for their energy needs. They have proven to be an industry expert and my clients have been very pleased with their service and savings they continue to provide!”

Energy Services


  • We can set up interim energy service for home builders and real estate developers.
  • We offer variable month-to-month options as well as very competitive fixed rates.
  • The switching of service is seamless and the customer will continue to have reliable delivery through their current TDSP.
  • Customers moving into a new residence can have the account in their name within 3-5 days of submitting their agreement, or choose the priority move in and will have their service in 24 hours after the agreement is accepted.
  • Customers that are not moving to a new residence and want to switch providers to take advantage of lower rates can fill out the simple application to switch service and the change will take place within 1-5 business days.


  • Apartment Properties / Multi-Family
  • Small & Medium Business
  • Large Commercial & Industrial
  • Real Estate & Multi-Site Enterprises
  • City & County Government

Energy Products

  • Short & Long Term Contracts
  • All Inclusive Fixed Rate
  • Variable Rates
  • Blend and Extend Options

“Our experience with Watermark has been wonderful. The only regret we have is not finding them sooner! For a growing church like ours, every penny counts and we try and stretch every dollar. From day one, they have been able to save our church money and we should save over $5,000 this year alone.”

Energy Explained

3 Steps to Your Door

1. Generation
Power Plants generate power. That power is then sold to the wholesale market and is then made available to be purchased by Retail Electric Providers (REPs) and Energy Service Companies.

2. Transmission & Distribution
Every de-regulated area has a transmission & distribution service provider (TDSP) who’s primary job is to ensure the delivery of electricity to customers. In this process they install meters, read meters, and fix/maintain poles and wires.

3. Sales

  • Watermark Power Solutions recognizes that every customer has different needs and uses our years of expertise in energy de-regulated markets to customize a plan for each customer.
  • We represent multiple energy providers and therefore make the providers compete for your business. This ensures that we can offer our clients the best rates, terms, and service the market has to offer.
  • Our support team will continue to be available to our clients throughout the term of the agreement, assisting with any questions or needs.
  • Watermark has a proven track record of saving our clients money.
  • Clients receive first class attention no matter how large or small they are.
  • We do not strive to be a competitor in the market, we strive to be the best.

“I recently moved 3 business accounts to Watermark Power Solutions and it couldn’t be easier. They offer amazing customer service and I’m confident I’m getting the best rate available. If you pay for electricity you need to call Watermark.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is my energy service still going to be reliable if I switch providers?
YES, your current delivery company (TDSP) will continue to deliver your energy no matter what provider you choose. The only thing that will change is the rate you pay for your energy and who sends you your invoice.

2. Are there any fees incured to switch providers?
NO, residential and commercial customers can switch providers with no fees incurred. TDSP’s ONLY charge a fee for “Move-In” customers and “Self Selected Switches”. Fee amount depends on the TDSP

3. Why not work directly with a energy provider?
Having an energy professional to represent you in the negotiating process will ensure that you get the best rates and terms possible. We know what providers will be the most competitive for you depending on the type of business and we have more leverage to negotiate on your behalf. You will save time and stress when you can rely on a trusted professional that is looking out for your best interests.

4. Why choose Watermark Power Solutions instead other brokerage / consulting firms?
We strive to provide the highest level of customer service because our clients come FIRST. We have years of experience working with clients ranging from small retail stores, restaurants, churches, apartment complexes, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, and even military bases. We have as much negotiating power as any other firm in the market. Our company is structured in a way that we can provide more competitive rates than most brokerage & consulting firms, without adding extra fees to cover high company expenses.

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